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  • Is this your full time job?
    Yes, Puppet Stuff Canada has a full time team of 3 puppet artists with other puppet artists and builders working for us part time or seasonally.
  • Are you hiring?
    We are not currently hiring. Our team consists of individuals with years of experience in puppet performance and construction and we are often looking for part-time contractors with unique skills for unique projects. Feel free to reach out to us any time if you have a special skill or unique talent that we might want to know about in case something comes up!
  • Do you have a shop I can visit?
    We do have a 2000 Square foot facility in Calgary, Alberta. We often invite clients and collaborators to come by. To Arrange a visit please contact us in advance to set up a time and date.
  • Are your performances just for kids?
    No, our puppets can be performed for adult and youth audiences. We have unique scripts with adult humour for a variety of events, you'd be surprised how much adults love interacting with puppets when there are no kids around!
  • How far out should we book Puppet Stuff?
    6 weeks to over 1 year. Be sure to contact us far in advance to book for busy holiday seasons.
  • Where do you perform?
    We accept bookings at festivals and events across Canada! From Vancouver to Regina to Winnipeg to Halifax, contact us today to hire exceptional entertainment for your event.
  • What are your fees?
    Our performance fees for roving services are generally $300/hr plus travel and accommodations if applicable.
  • What is "Roving"
    Roving is a style of interactive performance where performers (in our case, puppeteers) freely move around an event space interacting in real time with guests. It's a great way to ad excitement and energy to your event and keep guests entertained throughout the experience.
  • Do you travel?
    Yes! We perform all across North America.
  • How long does it take to make a puppet?
    The process varies and it entirely depends on the requirements of the project! Every puppet is unique. Generally a television quality hand puppet can take up to 6 weeks depending on the design process and the complexity of the design. An example of a puppet build (from scratch) timeline might look like this: Design ( 1-2 weeks) Protototype ( 1 week) Fabrication (2 weeks) Shipping and Handling (1 week) We can always accommodate rush orders but additional fees will apply.
  • Do you have any cheaper options?
    Check out our Etsy store for a selection of affordable small practice puppets and other budget conscious options!
  • How expensive are your custom puppets?
    Depending on the type of project, materials and the services involved a puppet can range from $2500.00-$5000.00 CAD and upwards. Typical fees included in our costs are design, patterning, fabrication, all material costs and labour. We have different fee structures for different types of projects, so please reach out to us with more details for an exact estimate.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Currently we require a 50% deposit to secure bookings. Build projects more than 30 days will require a milestones payment contract.
  • What is different about your puppets?
    Our puppets are built in-house and by hand, with 25+ years of industry knowledge and expertise. In order to make a puppet look good in HD, every seam must be completely invisible and no detail overlooked!
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