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Puppet Stuff Canada offers a variety of performance packages for festivals, events and more. Our talented team of puppeteers stir up a crowd with unique, colourful characters and memorable comedic performances. The mission of all our roving performances is to create unforgettable and meaningful engagements that will inspire and delight audiences of all ages. What are you waiting for? Bring the JOY of puppets to your event now!

New for 2024: UnBEElievable!

What's the buzz? Puppet Stuff's new bees are here to fly around your event and say hello! Guests will love meeting our three roving bee characters and our human-size queen bee! Hopefully they won't BUG you!

Fintastic Fun!

Get ready to be entertained by Puppet Stuff’s unique brand of interactive comedy performed with colourful, larger-than-life sea creatures. Guests will love getting to interact with our three roving fish characters and our 16-foot-long, interactive octopus character who loves posing for photos!

Creatures of the Deep

Dive deep underwater and meet the bioluminescent creatures of the deep! These larger than life creatures come to life with vibrant colourful lighting effects and comedic character interactions. But don’t get too close, these creatures might be looking for lunch!

Please note, this performance is best viewed at night or in a dark venue.

Bird is the Word

Flying in exclusively for your event are our feathered friends who made a name for themselves “winging it” at festivals across western Canada in summer 2022! These goofball birds fly around making friends with your guests. If you're lucky, they might lay an egg! If the mood suits them, they may even break in to one of their favourite musical numbers such as “Rockin' Robin” or “Sissy That Squawk”!

"We recently booked This company for the Energetic County Fair. The Puppet Stuff team was professional, went above and beyond. They engaged with the kids and audience and was a lot of fun!  Highly recommend this company."

Energetic County Fair, Fort St John