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Puppet Stuff Canada is a puppet Design and Fabrication shop in Alberta, Canada that services the film, television and entertainment industries. Our work has been featured in television, streaming and motion picture productions that have been seen across the globe, as well as on  multiple stages across North America. 


Our company offers a unique expertise driven by dedication to quality, precise craftsmanship, and most of all, a deep and extensive understanding of the art form. All members of the Puppet Stuff shop are active puppeteers, and utilizing that experience we bring to each project an intrinsic understanding of form and function that makes our our product superior in both performance and aesthetic. 


Our team utilizes a blend of state of the art and traditional technologies to meet the individual needs of our collaborators and their creative process. On top of providing an excellent process and finished product, Puppet Stuff provides comprehensive care and handling, maintenance services, and even training for performers and their supporting team members.

Our Services:

  • Conceptualizing and Creative Development

  • 2D and 3D Character Design

  • Patterning and Prototyping

  • Fabrication & Finishing 

  • Logistics and Training 

  • Puppet Coaching

  • Performance and Show Development

  • Character Maintenance

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